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03.25.03 - 1:51 p.m.

Oh god oh god oh god.

I'm hyperventilating.

In a bad way.

We OWE more than 3 grand so that we can sell our condo.

We are, essentially, PAYING TO SELL OUR HOME.

I'd tell you the story of how this happened, but basically, it's boring, and rife with mistakes. And uses words like "escrow", so, y'know, no one is interested.

Crap. Craptastic, crapalicious, crapity McCrap crap Crappington in Crapsburg on a bun.

We have no money. None. And what pisses me off is the Significant Other, the Love of My Life, the Man I Married, who makes such a BFD out of doing the bills, SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that we would owe this much, and so we SHOULD HAVE CHARGED THE BUYER THREE GRAND MORE but noooooo. He's not up on the bills. So NOW, we HAVE TO PAY three grand that WE DON'T HAVE.

I want to cry.

And I have been, on and off.

I'll be fine, once I've receded into a state of numbness.

So much for going to that wedding in Alaska this summer.

Oh, but a friend of his whom he never sees gets married in Las Vegas on 4/1, we both go, even though I HATE VEGAS WITH A FIERY BURNING PASSION. Note that he bought the tickets before establishing whether I wanted to go. But a dear friend of mine gets married in Alaska, I can't go by myself.


No wonder I've started smoking again.

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